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Plots of 4Elements

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Plots of 4Elements

Post by Admin on May 12th 2013, 12:26 am


Welcome to the world of Elements. The world is filled with magic users, born into the magic in their blood. Though, the magic is of elements. Elements of Air, Earth, Fire and Water. These four elements are what each individual can control, as they are born into them.

Some of the elements fight against themselves, such as Fire and Water. Where some are more friendly to each other, such as Air and Earth. Each of the magic users have family of the same magic use.

For those that don't mind leaving their neighbor hoods, they will find that in town has a mix of users and most come off as friendly. Though, you may want to watch out for those that seek the thrill of a fight, they do end up in town too.

Sometimes those like to break the rules and go into another neighbor hood and find something to do. These we call Rebel Elements, they don't get into trouble, but they are shunned most of the time.

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